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Alphabets for unwritten languages

Academic papers

(2007) A new orthography in Tera

(2008) Phonological competence in the design of a new orthography


(2005) Rare Welsh tongue-twister turns up in a remote corner of Nigeria. Western Mail 6 July 2005

Original Academic Essay

(2005) It is the year of Africa. Let’s support them in education. Western Mail 7 July 2005

Original Academic Essay

(2011) Spelling by the Zambezi Western Mail 16 June 2011

Original Academic Essay

(2011) A new alphabet for just 20,000 Africans
Western Mail 15 September 2011

Original Academic Essay

(2012) Welsh ‘ll’s in the heart of Africa Western Mail 3 May 2012

Original Academic Essay

(2012) Alago Phonology

(2012) Jju Phonology

Applied phonology

(2000) An applied interlanguage experiment into adult learners’ phonological misperceptions

(2002) Why Chloe sounds so pretty

(2003) Non-native speakers’ misperceptions of English vowels and consonants: evidence from Korean adults in UK

(2006) Korean misperceptions of British English consonants and vowels

(2006) Phonology in formulaic language

(2007) Towards a description of Tamil English Standard Pronunciation

(2007) Malagasy interlanguage data

(2008) Malagasy interlanguage phonology

(2017) Recent debate on pronunciation models and targets

(2017) Towards a Standard European Pronunciation of English

(2017) Dodson, the Bilingual Method and Classroom Pronunciation Experiments from the 1960s

(2018) Dodson’s classroom experiments in pronunciation

(2020) Review: TRACEY M. DERWING & MURRAY J. MUNRO, Pronunciation fundamentals: Evidence-based perspectives for L2 teaching and research (Language Learning & Language Teaching 42). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2015

(2022) Some reflections on Applied Linguistics studies in Wales since the 1960s, in BAAL News, Issue 120; p 7-8.


(1996) The communicative value of the tone system of English (Proceedings of the 9th international symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Thessaloniki, Greece.)

(2002) (with Helen Beer) Panda eats shoots and leaves

(2003) Processes of semogenesis in English intonation

(2004) Hallidayan influence on intonation

(2005) Intonation and categories of meaning

(2005) Talking intonation

(2005) Teaching intonation

(2006) The pronunciation of grammar

(2009) Intonation, meaning and grammar

(2010) Review: Halliday & Greaves, Intonation and the Grammar of English. Equinox 2008.

(2014) How we knew the football results before we knew the score

(2014) A Systemicfunctional Model of the Intonation of Clauses in English

readings in english phonetics and phonology

(2019) A Life in Phonology

(2020) Intonation in Semantic System Networks



(2009) Transcribing English Phrases

There are three audio files which accompany Transcribing English Phrases. They are available below in mp3 format:

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